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Am 12. April 1954 nahm eine nordamerikanische Band namens Bill Haley & The Comets den Song "Rock Around The Clock" auf, und löste damit ein gewaltiges Beben aus, das Musikindustrie und Gesellschaft weltweit veränderte. Auf dieser 10 CD Sammlung findet sich eine Sammlung der größten Künstler des Rock ‘n‘ Roll.

CD 1

Maybelline (Berry – Fratto – Freed) 1955    Chuck Berry
Ten Little Indians (Haley) 1953    Bill Haley And The Comets Meadowlark Boogie (A. C. Griffin) 1954    Buck Griffin
Chattanooga Choo-Choo (Gorden – Warren) 1954    Bill Haley And The Comets
Yes Baby (Ace – Robey) 1955    Johnny Ace & Big Mama Thornton
Hey Worm! (Allisson) 1955    Little Jimmy Dickens
Nola (Arndt) 1954    Merrill Moore
Come-On-A-My House (Bagdasarian – Saroyan) 1955    Rosemary Clooney
Ice Cold Water (Barber) 1954    Glenn Barber
That Man (Bateman) 1955    Nappy Brown
My Boy Flat Top (Bennett – Young) 1955    Boyd Bennett & The Rockets
Brand New Love Affair (Graham - May) 1954    Marty Roberts
Hurt Me So (McDaniel – Brewer) 1954    Luke McDaniel
Straight Jacket (Haley) 1954    Bill Haley And The Comets
I’ll Give ‘Em Rhythm (Gunter) 1955    Hardrock Gunter
Rompin’ Stompin’ Good Time  (Blum) 1954    Bob Blum
Well Now Dig This (Pingatore) 1955    The Jodimars
Put Me To Bed (Bond) 1950    Johnny Bond
No More, No More (Boyett) 1955    Bobby Lord
Good Rockin’ Tonight (Brown) 1947    Roy Brown 

CD 2

The Train Kept-A-Rollin’ (Bradshaw – Man – Kaye) 1953    Tiny Bradshaw
In My Real Gone Rocket (Brenston) 1951    Jackie Brenston
Dig Me Little Mama (Scott) 1955    Tommy Scott
Back Up Buddy (Bryant) 1954    Carl Smith
Red Light (Moore) 1953    Merrill Moore
Jump Rope Boogie (Stone – Stone) 1951    Cliffie Stone
Shake, Rattle And Roll (Calhoun) 1955    Bill Haley And The Comets
Idaho Red (Saelz – Kuzlaric – Sullivan) 1954    Chuck Miller
Sittin’ On The Top Of The World (Carter – Jacobs) 1953    Bob Wills
Honey, Honey (Gracie) 1954    Charlie Gracie
Hard Top Race (Morgan – Stopner – Sant) 1955    Merrill Moore
Flyin’ Saucer Boogie (Cletro – Sargent – Lasalle) 1952    Eddie Cletro
Thirteen Women (Thompson) 1954    Bill Haley And The Comets
Rock The Join (Crafton – Keane – Bagby) 1951    Jimmy Cavello & The House Rockers
That’s All Right (Crudup) 1954    Elvis Presley
Lovey Dovey (Curtis – Huggie) 1954    Bunny Paul
Caffeine And Nicotine (Westmoreland) 1954    Paul Westmoreland
Waitin’ For My Baby (Coben) 1954    Hawkshaw Hawkins 
The Great Medical Menagerist  (Floyd) 1954    Harmonica Frank
Take It Or Leave It (Brown) 1954    Boots Gilbert

CD 3

Rock Around The Clock (DeKnight – Freedman) 1955    Bill Haley & The Comets
New Love (Paul) 1954    Bunny Paul
Shook Shake (Davis) 1955    Ken Davis
You Upset Me Baby (Davis – Josea) 1955    Boyd Bennett & The Rockets
Pan American Boogie (Delmore) 1950    Lonnie Glosson
My Gal Gertie (Dickerson) 1954    Dub Dickerson
Head Home Honey (Gracie) 1955    Charlie Gracie
Bo Diddley (Diddley) 1955    Bo Diddley
This Is The Thanks I Get (Dilbeck) 1954    Eddy Arnold
Baby, Baby Me (Don Windle) 1954    Curtis Gordon
Sweet Jennie Lee (Instr.) (Donaldson) 1954    Merrill Moore
Pepper Hot Baby (Evelyn) 1955    Jaye P. Morgan
Prison Cell Of Love (Fairburn - Booth) 1954    Werly Fairburn
Truck Drivin' Man (Fell) 1954    Terry Fell
Rock H-Bomb, Rock (Ferguson) 1951    H-Bomb Ferguson
Uh Uh Honey (unknown) 1954    Autry Inman
Rockin’ And Rollin’ (Fisher) 1955    Sonny Fisher
Boogie The Blues (G. Henslee) 1954    Eddie & Chuck
Sneaky Pete (Fisher) 1955    Sonny Fisher
Hawk-Eye (Bryant) 1955    Chuck Miller

CD 4

Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Monroe) 1954    Elvis Presley
Hey Mama (Fisher) 1955    Sonny Fisher
Rockin' Chair Daddy (Floyd) 1954    Harmonica Frank
My Baby Keeps Rolling (Glover – Weismantel) 1953    Annisteen Allen
Catfish Boogie (Ford) 1953    Tennessee Ernie Ford
Rockin' And A-Knockin' (Hagar - Richardson) 1954    Gayle Griffith
Rock Around The Clock (Freedman - DeKnight) 1954    Sonny Dae
Hot Rod Race (G. Wilson) 1950    Ramblin Jimmy Dolan
Why Baby Why (George Jones-Darrell Edwards) 1955    George Jones
Rock Love (Glover) 1955    Eddie Fontaine
I'm Gonna Have Some Fun (Lewis – Smith - McRae) 1954    Bunny Paul
Seventeen (Young – Gorman - Bennett) 1955    Boyd Bennett & The Rockets
Bawlin’ And Squallin’ (Gordon-Pecchi) 1955    Buck Griffin
Sundown Boogie (Haley - Rodgers) 1954    Bill Haley & The Comets
My Baby Loves Me (Gracie) 1955    Charlie Gracie
There's Gonna Be A Ball (Gray) 1954    Rudy Gray
See You Later Alligator (Guidry) 1955    Roy Hall
Gonna Dance All Night (Gunter) 1954    Hardrock Gunter
I'm Gonna Anchor My Heart (Hagar - Richardson) 1954    Gayle Griffith
Rocket 88 (Haley) 1954    Bill Haley & The Comets

CD 5

Tutti Frutti (Labostrie – Penniman) 1955    Little Richard
Love Spelled Backwards Is Evol (unknown) 1954    Werly Fairburn
Don’t Stop Now (Hall) 1955    Roy Hall
I'd Like To Tell You (Hank Thompson) 1954    Curtis Gordon
All She Wants To Do Is Rock (Harris) 1949    Wynonie Harris
Go Ahead On (Heap – Harris) 1955    Jimmy Heap
The Honeymoons Over (Horton – McCarthy – Meisels) 1954 Tennessee Ernie Ford & Betty Hutton
Crooked Dice (J. O'Neal - J. Tyler) 1955    Leo Ogletree
Fan It (Jaxon) 1953    Hank Penny
Whoa Boy (Jefferson - McDaniel) 1954    Red Smith
No Money In This Deal (Jones) 1954    George Jones
Two Hound Dogs (Haley - Pingatore) 1955    Bill Haley & The Comets
How Long (Jordan) 1950    Cotton Thomson
Beetle Bug Bop (Kanyas) 1955    The Collins Kids
Boogie Blues (Krupa - Biondi) 1955    Chuck Miller
Fly Right Boogie (Leland – Thomas - Moore) 1954    Merrill Moore
Gee (Levy – Davis - Norton) 1953    The Crows
Such A Night (Lincoln Chase) 1954    Bunny Paul
I Don’t Know (Lofton) 1953    Tennessee Ernie Ford
The Automobile Song (Luke McDaniel) 1954    Luke McDaniel

CD 6

I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine (Mack David) 1954    Elvis Presley
Checkbook Baby (M. Dickey) 1954    Milt Dickey
You Came A Long Way From St. Louis (Russell - Brook) 1954 Bunny Paul
Sag, Drag And Fall (Massey-Gilliland) 1955    Sid King & The Five Strings
Money Bag Woman (McDaniel) 1954    Luke McDaniel
Thanks To You (Blum) 1954    Bob Blum
Daddy-O Rock (McDaniel) 1955    Luke McDaniel
Busy Body Boogie (Carrell) 1954    The Carlisles
Drinkin’ Wine Spoo-Dee-O-Dee (McGhee) 1955    Malcolm Yelvington
I’ll Be True To You (McLemore) 1953    Faye Adams
Honey Love (McPhatter - Gerald) 1954    Bunny Paul
The Dirty Bird Song (Miller – Baker) 1955    Frank Starr
How Can You Be So Mean (Ace) 1955    Johnny Ace
Juke Joint Johnny (Moore) 1953    Lattie Moore
Man! Turn Me Loose (D.S. Brown -Jack Brown) 1954    Boots Gilbert
Ten, Ten A.M. (Moore - Ross) 1954    Merrill Moore
Play It Cool Man (Jones) 1954    George Jones
Cherokee Boogie (Mullican) 1951    Jimmie Davis
Wildwood Boogie (Murray - Kuhn) 1954    Charlie Gracie
Pull Down The Blinds (Nash – Lamb) 1954    Lattie Moore

CD 7

Gone, Gone, Gone (Perkins) 1955    Carl Perkins
Pack, Shack And Stack (Nelson) 1955    Billy Nelson
Boom-De-Dee-Boom (Otis) 1955    Eddie Fontaine
Female Hound Dog (Otis – Innis – Mann) 1953    Louis Innis & Charlie Gore
Forty Cups Of Coffee (Overbea) 1953    Danny Overbea
Sugar Plum Boogie (P. Stewart) 1954    Frank Simon
Hot Springs (Patrick – Otis) 1955    Pat Patrick
Answer The Call (Paul) 1954    Bunny Paul
Dig That Hot Rod (Westmoreland) 1954    Paul Westmoreland
Honky Tonk Baby (Gunter) 1955    Hardrock Gunter
Hot Rod Rag (Westmoreland) 1954    T. Texas Tyler
Two Timin’ Mama (Penny) 1952    Hank Penny
Boogie Blues (Peterson) 1954    Earl Peterson
Happy Baby (Pingatore) 1954    Bill Haley & The Comets
Fallen Angel (Gunter) 1954    Hardrock Gunter
Let’s All Rock Together (Pingatore – Lyttle) 1955    The Jodimars
Oh Babe (Prima – Kabak) 1950    Louis Prima
Jump Jump Honey (R & R Keefer, J. Amway) 1955    Rusty Wellington
Pinball Boogie (Raney) 1954    Red Foley
House Of Blue Lights (Raye – Slacks) 1955    Chuck Miller

CD 8

Good Rockin' Tonight (Roy Brown) 1954    Elvis Presley
Crawfishin' (Rene) 1953    Clarence Garlow
Blackeyed Joe's (Roberts) 1954    Little Jimmy Dickens
Jukebox Cannonball (Rodgers - Keefer – Barrie) 1954    Bill Haley & The Comets
Snatchin' And Grabbin' (Rose – Scrivner) 1954    Merrill Moore
Honky Tonk Spree (Rule – Simpson) 1954    Jimmy Simpson
A.B.C. Boogie (Russell – Spickol) 1954    Bill Haley & The Comets
Lookout Mountain (S. Lazar) 1955    Chuck Miller
Idaho Red (Saelz - Kuzlaric – Sullivan) 1954    Wade Ray
Cats And Dogs (Scott) 1955    Tommy Scott
Crazy Man, Crazy (Haley) 1953    Bill Haley & The Comets
Freight Train Boogie (Scott – Nabor) 1946    Delmore Brothers
I Gotta Have You (Selph) 1952    Red Foley and Roberta Lee
Don't Let The Star Get In Your Eyes (Slim Willet) 1952    Skeets Mc Donald
You Look Bad (Taylor) 1953    Danny Taylor
Good Deal, Lucille (Terry - Therlot – Miller) 1954    Al Terry
Doggie House Boogie (Thompson – Gray) 1954    Merrill Moore
Oh, Look A-There Ain’t She Pretty (Todd – Lombardo) 1948    The Treniers
It Don't Make No Never Mind (A.C. Griffin) 1954    Buck Griffin
Feelin' Happy (Turner) 1950     Big Joe Turner

CD 9

Move It On Over (Williams) 1947    Hank Williams
Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie (Haley) 1954    The Treniers
Louisiana Boogie (unknown) 1954    Merle Travis
I'd Do It For You (unknown) March 54    Curtis Gordon
Rock Me Baby (Otis) 1953    Johnny Otis
I'm Wonderin' Now (unknown) 1954    Larry Lee
Dim, Dim The Lights (Ross – Dixon) 1954    Bill Haley & The Comets
Honey, Won't You Please Come Home (unknown) 1954    Luke McDaniel
RockinŽ Daddy (Fisher) 1955    Sonny Fisher
Crying My Heart Out For You (unknown) 1954    Luke McDaniel
Hep Cat Baby (Cy Coben) 1954    Eddy Arnold
My Boy Flat Top (Bennett – Young) 1954    Dorothy Collins
Caffeine And Nicotine (unknown) 1954    Curtis Gordon
Green Tree Boogie (Haley) 1954    Bill Haley & The Comets
Divided Heart (unknown) 1954    Curtis Gordon
Real Rock Drive (Haley) 1952    Bill Haley & The Comets
I Feel Like Cryin' (unknown) 1954    Werly Fairburn
Jumpin From Six To Six (Scott) 1955    Tommy Scott
Bye Bye Young Men (unknown) 1955    Ruth Brown
Don’t Call Me (unknown) 1955    Priscilla Wright

CD 10

Go, Boy Go (Wilson) 1954    Carl Smith
Jersey Rock (Turner) 1953    Zeb Turner
Flamin' Mamie (unknown) 1941    Hank Penny
Hopahoola Boogie (Van Dyke – Black) 1954    Chuck Miller
Kiss The Baby Goodnight (Welch) 1953    Charline Arthur
Drinkin’ Wine Spoli Oli (White – Laid) 1955    Sid King & The Five Strings
Long Gone Daddy (Williams) 1952    Lou Graham
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On (Williams – David) 1955    Big Maybelle
Pat-A-Cake (Williamson – Haley) 1953    Bill Haley & The Comets
Hey Now Honey (unknown) 1954    Johnny Hicks
Cadillac In Model A (Wills) 1954    Bob Wills
The Most (Young) 1955    Boyd Bennett & The Rockets
Rock The Joint (Crafton - Keane – Bagby) 1952    Bill Haley & his Comets
Go Man, Go Get Gone (Zario - Taylor – Marshall) 1954    Rex Zario
Oklahoma Boogie (Zurwick – Balogh) 1954    Louie Bashell
Blackberry Boogie (Ford) 1952    Tennessee Ernie Ford
Done Gone Crazy (unknown) 1954    Lee Bonds
Dig'n And Datin' (unknown) 1954    Gene Henslee
Later Alligator (Guidry) 1955    Bobby Charles
Stratosphere Boogie (Bryant) 1955    Speedy West

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Rock 'n' Roll

Rock 'n' Roll

10 cd set

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